Brantseg's Taekwondo

Taekwondo For The Entire Family!

Enroll your child in Taekwondo. It is fun, safe, and develops each students ultimate potential. We concentrate on discipline, courtesy, respect, and self-control. Each student progresses at their own rate of speed and are not compared to anyone. It is the success of each individual that we strive for in our school.


The adult program in our school is second to none. Both men and women enjoy the many benefits that Taekwondo provide. We would encourage anyone who has an interest in self-improvment to enroll in Taekwondo!


Mr. Michael S. Brantseg

5th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Brantseg has many years of experience in Taekwondo and looks forward to meeting you!

Class Schedule

Tues & Thurs

4:30 PM

Tues & Thurs

5:15 PM

Tues & Thurs

6:15 PM


(415) 990-2560

Brantseg's Taekwondo

1755 Laguna Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

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For The Entire Family